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Manuel Arias Zugasti
Profesor Titular de Universidad
Tel.: (+34) 91 398 7127
Fax: (+34) 91 398 7628
Office 230, Facultad de Ciencias

Short vita and research interests:

Graduated (BSc/MSc) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1994, major in Theoretical Physics (Física Fundamental).

Since then I have worked on mathematical modelling (analytical and computational) in engineering problems related to droplet and bubble combustion. I have also worked on the the development of mathematical methods (based on Orthogonal Collocation) for Population Balances (with applications in Continuous Mixture Theory and Aerosol Science).

PhD completed at the Departamento de Física Matemática y de Fluidos (UNED) in 2000. Dissertation: "Estudio de la vaporización y combustión supercrítica y transcrítica de gotas de combustibles líquidos". Advisors: Prof. P. L. García-Ybarra and Prof. J. L. Castillo Gimeno.

Postdoctoral stay with Prof. D. E. Rosner at the High Temperature Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, Yale University (June 2000 - October 2002 and every summer since 2004). My interest in bubble combustion and population balances started during my first stay at Yale (summer of 1998).

My main research interests are mathematical methods for partial differential equations, mainly related to transport phenomena in fluids (multiphase, reactive, turbulent, complex mixtures) and population balance eqs. (aerosol mechanics). My favourite mathematical methods for PDEs are orthogonal collocation, matched asymptotic expansions and symmetry analysis. I am also interested in the broader subject of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics.

About computers, here is what I like best: Linux (I use fedora), Mathematica, LaTeX.
Some of my Hobbies are: reading, music, movies, biking, swimming, long walks, flying, oooo, ... .

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