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    1. Climate effects of aerosols
    2. Source appointment and data interpretation
    3. Modelling of atmospheric aerosols
    4. Measurement of atmospheric aerosols
    5. Urban aerosols, pollution measurements and control
    6. Aerosols in indoor and workplace environments
    7. Other topics related to atmospheric aerosols
    1. Material synthesis and structuring via aerosol/gas phase processes
    2. Nanostructured materials from aerosols. Films and coatings by aerosol deposition
    3. Filtration and gas cleaning technologies
    4. Electrical Phenomena. Charging and electrical effects. Electrosprays
    5. Industrial and high temperature aerosols. Combustion aerosols
    6. Emission control
    7. Powder technology
    1. Health effects and environmental impact of engineered nanoparticles
    2. Aerosol-based medical diagnostics and drug delivery
    3. Pharmaceutical aerosols
    4. Bioaerosols
    5. Aerosol detection and protection
    6. Personal exposure assessment
    1. Novel measurement principles and new instrumentation
    2. Characterization techniques
    3. Comparison of different measurement methods
    4. Instrumentation for chemical characterization of aerosols
    5. Sampling and sampling artefacts
    1. Nucleation and growth
    2. Coagulation, agglomeration and fragmentation
    3. Aerosol dynamics
    4. Aerosol chemistry
    5. Optical properties