Oscar Sotolongo-Grau

Oscar Sotolongo-Grau

Oscar Sotolongo-Grau

Oscar Sotolongo-Grau  

 Version: 3.1
 GS d-(--)@>-- s:+ a+ C+ U+$>++++ P++$>++ L+(+++)$ 
 E-(---)>--- W++ !N o--? K--? w--- !O-- !M- !V PS PE+ 
 Y PGP t++ 5 X R tv-- b+ DI D G e++++$ h-- r+++ y++++
 ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

I work as freelancer in High Performance Computing, mostly in Neuroimaging. I also maintain a SLURM based HPC cluster.

I'm a former researcher from Fundació ACE, Institut Català de Neurociències Aplicades, Barcelona. I worked there as Bioinformatics Analysist & High Performance Computing Manager and I built a neuroimaging processing pipeline and did some research in genetics.

I also provided support to clinical researchers in Alzheimer disease about neuroimaging, genetics and some statistical tools.

Meanwhile, I developed a catastrophe theory model for dementia.

Previously, I have carried out some Medical Physics researching at Mathematical Physics and Flows Department, UNED, Spain.

I've done some works on:

  1. Tumor evolution
  2. Radiotherapy simulations and optimization
  3. Interaction between radiation and tissues
Get my CV here

Here you can get the presentations for a short course of C programming that I lectured a few years ago, as well as the source code examples

The latex code, images and every else is also available here. Notice you may need ImageMagick in order to convert the ppm o pgm image output format to a more widely spreaded format as png or jpeg.

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