June 18-20


Program overview

An overview of the program with the schedule of sessions can be downloaded from this link:

Sunday, June 17 2018

18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception (included in the registration fee)
18:30 Distribution of conference material
19:00-20:30 Tapas & drinks

Monday, June 18 2018 Tuesday, June 19 2018 Wednesday, June 20 2018

Morning Sessions

8:15 Registration 8:30 Registration 8:30 Registration

8:45 – 9:00 Opening ceremony 8:45-9:45 Plenary Lecture IV
Dr. Hartmut Wiggers
9:45-10:00 Best Poster Awaard Ceremony

9:00-10:00 Plenary Lecture I
Prof. Richard C. Flagan
Plenary Lecture III
Prof. Mansoo Choi

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break and Exhibition Coffee Break and Exhibition

10:30-12:50 Monday Morning Parallel Sessions
MM1. Aerosol Synthesis
MM2. Instrumentation & Characterization I
MM3. Aerosols and Health
Tuesday Morning Parallel Sessions
TM1. Aerosol Filtration
TM2. Aerosol Processes
TM3. Instrumentation & Characterization II
Wednesday Morning Parallel Sessions
WM1. Electrosprays
WM2. Instrumentation & Characterization IV
WM3. Indoor and Workplace Environments

12:50-13:40 Lunch Break and Exhibition

Afternoon Sessions

13:40-14:40 Plenary Lecture II
(Prof. Juan Fernandez de la Mora)
13:40-16:00 Tuesday Afternoon Parallel Sessions
TA1. Aerosol Materials
TA2. Instrumentation & Characterization III
TA3. Emissions
13:40-15:00 Wednesday Afternoon Parallel Sessions
WA1. Aerosol Methods
WA2. Aerosol Sampling
WA3. Instrumentation & Characterization V

14:40-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-16:40 Monday Afternoon Parallel Sessions
MA1. Nanoparticles
MA2. High Temperature Aerosols
MA3. Bioaerosols
15:00-17:00 Special Session

16:00-18:30 Tuesday Poster Session
TP posters
Snack Break and Exhibition

Monday Poster Session
MP posters
Snack Break and Exhibition

17:00-17:15 Conference Closing

17:15 End of Conference

18:30 End of Conference Day

19:30-22:30 Conference Dinner
Additional, not included in the registration fee

Thursday, June 21 2018

9:00-17:00 Social Program (additional, not included in the registration fee)
Day long trip to visit local sites and a wine cellar in La Rioja. Lunch is included.
Bus trip with tour guide.

Conference program

Plenary lecture by Prof. Richard C. Flagan

Plenary I-00
Questions in aerosol mobility analysis
R.C. Flagan

Monday morning parallel sessions: Aerosol synthesis

Mesoporous carbon nitride nanosphere: preparation, experimental and simulation characterization, and its application as photocatalyst for aerosol-photopolymerization
J. Poostforooshan, M. Shaban and A.P. Weber
The NanoDome platform applied as top-on model for multiscale simulations of nanoparticle synthesis
P. Wollny, F. Strappaveccia, E. Ghedini, H. Wiggers, A. Kempf and I. Wlokas
Gas phase synthesis of semiconducting silicon and germanium nanoparticles supported by an external seeding unit
L. Wergen, M. Domaschke and W. Peukert
Plasmonic alloy particles for enhanced efficiency water splitting
M. Valenti, W. Smith, G. Biskos and A. Schmidt-Ott
MnO2 aerosol deposition coating for airborne organic pollutants mitigation by integrated system of photothermocatalysis and filtration
S. Drdova and J. Wang
Synthesis of Iron-Cobalt oxides nanoparticles loaded crumpled graphene for application to supercapacitors
H.D. Jang, H. Chang and C. Lee
Flame synthesis of doped LTO anode materials for next generation Li-ion Batteries
T. Karhunen, A. Lähde and J. Jokiniemi

Monday morning parallel sessions: Instrumentation & Characterization techniques I

CIDAR: Combustion species imaging diagnostics for aero-engine research
V. Archilla, G. Aragón, P. Wright, K. Ozanyan, J. Black, N. Polydorides, H. McCann, M. Lengden, I. Burns, W. Johnstone, V. Polo, M. Beltran, I. Mauchline, D. Walsh and M. Johnson
Resolving geometric standard deviation and mobility median from a sensor-type instrument by means of voltage scanning
P. Juuti, A. Rostedt, J.M. Mäkelä and J. Keskinen
Flow rate independent electrical aerosol sensor
A. Rostedt and J. Keskinen
Characterizing inexpensive aerosol sensor in a laboratory and field experiments
J. Kuula, T. Mäkelä, R. Hillamo, J.V. Niemi and H. Timonen
Particle size depending deposition in an electrostatic air-liquid-interface precipitator
H. Wiegand, J. Meyer and G. Kasper
A new method to minimise charge uncertainty in condensation particle counter calibration when using a Faraday-cup aerosol electrometer
J.P.R. Symonds
Using the aerodynamic aerosol classifier to measure particle charge distribution
T.J. Johnson, R.T. Nishida, M. Irwin, J.P.R. Symonds, J.S. Olfert and A.M. Boies

Monday morning parallel sessions: Aerosols and Health

Aerosol release during abrasion of epoxy/graphene-based material composites and in vitro toxicity assessment on THP-1 cell line of abraded particles
W. Netkueakul, S. Chortarea, D. Korejwo, P. Wick, T. Bürki and J. Wang
Quartz functionalization and its effect on toxicity and dustiness
A. López-Lilao, S. Estupiñá, M.J. Ibáñez and E. Monfort
Advanced filtration and lung deposition models of realistic airborne carbon nanotube mixtures
Y.K. Bahk, P. Sachinidou, X. He and J. Wang
Exposure to process-generated nanoparticles during thermal spraying
A. Salmatonidis, C. Ribalta, M. Viana, V. Sanfelix and E. Monfort
Computational and experimental approaches to understand multispecies aerosol evolution and deposition in biologically relevant conditions
M. Asgari, F. Lucci, B. Dunan, R. Smajda, G. Andreatta, S. Majeed, J. Bialek, S. Steiner, S. Frentzel, J. Hoeng, N. Blondiaux, JP. Schaller and A.K. Kuczaj
Occupational exposure to nanoparticles: monitoring and management in industrial settings
M. Viana, A. Salmatonidis, E. Monfort, V. Sanfélix, A. López-Lilao, G.F. de la Fuente, L.A. Angurel, C. Estepa and J. Díaz
Salt-assisted aerosol synthesis of large-pore mesoporous milica nanoparticles as drug carriers to improve the solubility of Ibuprofen
M. Shaban, J. Poostforooshan, S. Reiser, M. Türk and A.P. Weber

Plenary lecture by Prof. Juan Fernandez de la Mora

Plenary II-00
Cluster and protein nanoparticle studies with a bipolar electrospray source and high resolution tandem mobility analysis
J. Fernandez de la Mora

Monday afternoon parallel sessions: Nanoparticles

Metallic nanoparticles by spark ablation – a study on optimal process conditions for sub- 5nm particle synthesis
M. Domaschke, M. Schmidt and W. Peukert
Predictable internally mixed nanoparticles from oscillatory spark ablation between electrodes of different materials
J. Feng, N. Ramlawi, G. Biskos and A. Schmidt-Ott
Generation of platinum and alloyed platinum/palladium nanoparticles by means of spark discharge and the investigation of their catalytic activity
A. Muntean, U. Tuttlies, U. Nieken and M. Seipenbusch
Tuning sub-20nm nanoparticle output from a spark discharge generator
M.F.J. Boeije, B. Zijlstra, T.V. Pfeiffer and A. Schmidt-Ott
Ternary alloy nanoparticle production by spark mixing: A source of novel properties
J. Feng, R. Geutjens, N.V. Thang, J. Li, X. Guo, A. Kéri, S. Basak, G. Galbács, G. Biskos, H. Nirschl, H.W. Zandbergen, E. Brück and A. Schmidt-Ott

Monday afternoon parallel sessions: High Temperature Aerosols

Impact of aeronautic fuel sulfur and aromatic content on particle emissions
I.K. Ortega, D. Delhaye, M. Olin, H. Timonen, C. Irimiea, J. Alanen, K. Teinillä, M. Sicard, B. Raepsaet, S. Saarikoski, J. Kalliokoski, P. Karjalainen, L. Jing, M. Dal Maso, E. Asmi, T. Rönkkö and F. Ser
ASPEN Plus model for biomass combustion: gas emissions prediction approach
I. Gomez, I. Ibarra, G. Aragon, J. González, I. Mugica, D. Sanz, E. Rojas, J.J. Rodríguez-Maroto, C. Gutiérrez-Canas, R. Ramos, E. Borjabad, R. Escalada, I. Celades and S. Gomar
Nanoparticle study on a catalytic natural gas burner
J. Alanen, N. Kuittinen, R. Hietikko, H. Vesala, Saarikoski, K. Lehtoranta, J. Keskinen and T. Rönkkö
Development of a high volume laminar flow photochemical aging reactor (PEAR): Method characterization and utilization to investigate the influence of atmospheric aging on health-related properties of wood combustion emissions
O. Sippula, M. Ihalainen, P. Tiitta, P. Yli-Pirilä, A. Hartikainen, T. Ihantola, P. Jalava, A. Leskinen, J. Tissari, M. Kortelainen, H. Suhonen, R. Zimmermann, M.-R. Hirvonen and J. Jokiniemi
Surface analysis in combustion: one step closer to uncovering the molecular building blocks of soot
C. Irimiea, A. Faccinetto, X. Mercier, I.-K. Ortega, N. Nuns, E. Therssen, P. Desgroux and C. Focsa

Monday afternoon parallel sessions: Bioaerosols

Detection of Living Animal’s Exhaled Breath biomarker (dLABer) system
H. Chen, X. Zhang, X. Li, J. Li and M. Yao
Bioaerosol samplers for personal and distributed exposure assessment
G. Mainelis, T.T. Han, N. Thomas, J. Therkorn and J. Scheinbeim
Airborne microorganisms at anaerobic digestion site
S. Bayle, J. Rocher and A. Cadière.
Simple and rapid quantification of biological air pollutants with ATP bioluminescence assay using a cotton swab
H.R. Kim, J.-W. Park, K.-Y. Yoon, J.H. Byun and J. Hwang
Lipopolysaccharide-mediated PM2.5 dose-dependent inflammatory effects
F. Shen, F. Liu, X. Zhang, J. Li, K. Ziegler, T. Zhang, T. Zhu, M. Shiraiwa, H. Tong, M. Yao, U. Pöschl and K. Lucas

Monday poster session

Controlling the phase of iron oxide in liquid flame spray nanoparticle synthesis
M. Sorvali, H. Suhonen, M. Nikka, P. Juuti and J.M. Mäkelä
Large eddy simulation of the SpraySyn burner for nanoparticle synthesis
T. Helmig, E. Borukhovich, I. Wlokas and A. M. Kempf
A study on the titania synthesis in a hot-wall reactor
M. Domaschke, L. Strunz, A. Hepp and W. Peukert
Aerosol synthesis of germanium-silicon hybrid structures in a hot-wall reactor
L. Wergen, M. Domaschke and W. Peukert
Nanoparticle formation in corona discharge
V.A. Zagaynov, V.V. Maksimenko, A.A. Lushnikov, Yu.G. Biryukov and I.E. Agranovsky
Production of spherical amphipathic copolymer nanoparticles using aerosol-photopolymerization
M. Shaban, J. Poostforooshan and A.P. Weber
An aerosol-based method for polymer encapsulation of Ag and SiO2 nanoparticles
J. Poostforooshan, M. Shaban and A.P. Weber
A general route toward fabrication of polymer coated semiconductor nanoparticles with controllable shell thickness by aerosol-photopolymerization technique
M. Shaban, J. Poostforooshan and A.P. Weber
Impact of emissions from ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on the oxidative potential of ambient PM0.25 measured across the Los Angeles County
A. Mousavi, M.H. Sowlat, F. Shirmohammadi, S. Hasheminassab, A. Polidori, M.M. Shafer, J.J. Schauer and C. Sioutas
On-site monitoring of particulate emissions from non-road machines equipped with diesel particle filters.
D. Bémer, I. Subra, E. Mazillier and J.P. Depay
Experimental study of aerosol release due to liquid leaks of fission product concentrates simulants
M. Sow, Y. Leblois and F. Gensdarmes
Impact of power settings and fuel on PM emissions for a SAM146 engine
C. Irimiea, I.K. Ortega, D. Delhaye, Y. Carpentier, J.A. Noble, F.X. Ouf, F. Salm, D. Gaffié, O. Penanhoat and C. Focsa
Influences of alternative fuel on black carbon particle number emissions of global civil aviation
X.L. Zhang, X. Chen and J. Wang
A unified scaling law for inertia and surface tension dominated electrosprays
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
The impact the electrolyte, electrochemistry and the gas phase composition on the outcome of an electrospray process
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
An electric current-based monitoring system for EHDA of natural gas odorants
F. Kariithi, L. Manna, S. Verdoold, M.J. Gatari, J.C.M. Marijnissen and L.L.F. Agostinho
Vertical profiles of lung deposited surface area (LDSA) concentration measured with a drone in an urban street canyon
H. Kuuluvainen, M. Poikkimäki, A. Järvinen, J. Kuula, M. Irjala, M. Dal Maso, J. Keskinen, H. Timonen, J.V. Niemi and T. Rönkkö
Effect of droplet size in EHDA simple-jet mode without/with whipping break-up on evaporation
N. Nyambane, M.J. Gatari, L.L.F. Agostinho and J.C.M. Marijnissen
Electrohydrodinamic pumping of liquid at spraying
M.K. Bologa, I.V. Cojevnicov, F.P. Grosu and O.V. Motorin
Electrospray method for fabricating the wrinkly morphology particles
F.Z. Jiang, W.B. Ju, Z.X. Sun, Y.K. Bahk and J. Wang
Modelling radioactive aerosol generation during metal cutting in NPP decommissioning
H.J. Han, B.G. Kim and B.G. Park
Investigation on bipolar charging and electrical agglomeration characteristics of subway tunnel airborne particles
H.-S. Choi and J. Hwang
Determination of component-specific optical absorption properties for brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols
V. Moschos, N.K. Kumar, K.R. Daellenbach, U. Baltensperger, A.S.H. Prévôt and I. El Haddad
Changes in the mixing state and size distribution of aerosols during the urban transport of industrial plumes
S. Guilbaud, K. Deboudt, P. Flament, P. Augustin, M. Fourmentin and H. Delbarre
Investigation of soot particles and precursors produced in a swirled diffusion biofuel flame - Combined in-situ LII/LIF and on-line L2MS
L. Ngo, Y. Carpentier, C. Irimiea, C. Focsa and E. Therssen
Real-time dosimetry using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) for in-vitro toxicological studies of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) at the air-liquid interface
Y. Ding, P. Weindl, C. Wimmer, P. Mayer, T. Krebs and O. Schmid
Degradation of NO2 by using TiO2 nanopartice in the presence of UV-light
A. Mohamadi Nasrabadi, T. Demirel, C. Nickel, A. Todea and C. Asbach.
ROS assessment of cerium oxide particles; porous morphology study
E. Papaioannou, G. Kastrinaki, S. Petrakis, P. Baltzopoulou and A.G. Konstandopoulos
A study on assessment of the influence that the radioactive aerosols generated in the decommissioning process have on the internal exposure of workers
S.I. Kim, H.Y. Lee and J.S. Song
Sources and health risk assessment of PM2.5 bound heavy metals on men, women and children in Eskişehir, Turkey
A. Arı, P. Ertürk Arı and E.O. Gaga
Gas–particle partitioning of nicotine in mainstream cigarette smoke
E. John, D. Mariner, C. Liu, K.G. McAdam, C.U. Yurteri, S. Dóbé and J. McAughey
Field testing the newly developed eFilter in Beijing, China
L. Salo, Z. Liu, Y. Xie and T. Rönkkö
Deposition of micrometric particles on a capacitive sensing area
P. Maierhofer, M. Carminati, G. Ferrari, G. Röhrer, M. Sampietro and A. Bergmann
A compact, battery-operable, dual-channel, water-based condensation particle counter
G. Lewis, S. Hering, A. Eiguren-Fernandez and D. Workman
Planar DMA: a unique instrument for highly concentrated small cluster studies
M. Amo-González and S. Pérez
CFD performance simulation of an aerosol mixing chamber
E. Rojas-García, J.J. Rodríguez-Maroto, D. Sanz-Rivera, I. Ibarra, G. Aragón, A. Ploscar, V. Archilla and E. Mezquida
Effects of asymmetric streamlines on the operation of a Vienna type DMA
I.Ibarra, J.J. Rodriguez Maroto, E. Rojas, D. Sanz, E. Mezquida, G. Aragón, V Archilla and C. Gutiérrez-Cañas
Compact and flexible tandem DMA system for aerosol-based production, handling and measurement of engineered nanoparticles
B.O. Meuller, K. Deppert, M.E. Messing and M.H. Magnusson
Using COMSOL multiphysics as a tool to predict aerosol deposition spot size of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
C. Preger, R.T. Hallberg, L. Södergren, M.E. Messing and M.H. Magnusson
Modelling on atmospheric cluster fragmentation inside a mass spectrometer
E. Zapadinsky, M. Passananti, N. Myllys and H. Vehkämäki
A novel miniature inverted burner for a steady generation of soot nanoparticles
M. Kazemimanesh, A. Moallemi, J. Corbin, G. Smallwood, P. Lobo and J. Olfert
In-field evaluation and comparison of PM2.5 miniaturized monitor
F. Borghi, A. Cattaneo, A. Spinazzè, D. Campagnolo, S. Rovelli, L. Del Buono and D.M. Cavallo
Characteristics of aerosol from different metals with plasma arc torch
S. Choi and N. Chae

Plenary lecture by Prof. Mansoo Choi

Plenary III-00
Three dimensional nanoprinting via aerosol technology
M. Choi

Tuesday morning parallel sessions: Aerosol filtration

Diffusive deposition of aerosols in a fibrous filter
C.F. Clement and S.J. Dunnett
Influence of discharging method and aerosol material on the results from standardised tests for electret filters
S. Schumacher, R. Jasti and C. Asbach
A CFD modelling of Diesel soot particles capture in wet electrostatic scrubbers
M. Esposito, F. Di Natale and A. Lancia
A shielded corona charger system for improving particle filtration efficiency of flue gas scrubbers and cyclones in small biomass-fired boilers
H. Suhonen, A. Laitinen, M. Kortelainen, A. Mesceriakovas, H. Koponen, P. Tiitta, P. Yli-Pirilä, J. Jokiniemi and O. Sippula
Pressure drop optimum region in mist filtration
V. Golkarfard, A.J.C. King, S. Abishek, G. Kasper, W. Heikamp and B.J. Mullins
Simulating highly saturated mist/coalescing filters
S. Abishek, B.J. Mullins, A.J.C. King and G. Kasper
Series association of fibrous filters for nano-aerosol filtration
A. Charvet, S. Bourrous, S. Pacault and D. Thomas

Tuesday morning parallel sessions: Aerosol processes

Knudsen transition effects on the thermophoretic properties of fractal-like aggregates; implications of ‘momentum shielding’ for thermophoretic sampling from high-pressure flames
D.E. Rosner and P Tandon
Aerosol nucleation and growth in chemically reacting systems
P.H. McMurry and C. Li
Measurement of the condensational growth in the free molecular regime via simultaneous detection of constant angle Mie scattering at two different wavelengths
M. Vazquez-Pufleau and P.M. Winkler
Predicting crystallisation in evaporating aerosol droplets
F.K.A. Gregson, R.E.H. Miles, J. Robinson, C.P. Royall and J.P. Reid
Numerical experimentations to determine single fibre efficiency
N. Bardin-Monnier, A. Charvet and D. Thomas
A field dependent and orientation dependent mobility calculator: The next generation of electrical mobility calculations
B. Kapadia, T. Wu and C. Larriba-Andaluz
Collision and alignment of gas-phase carbon nanotubes
N. Kateris, C. Hoecker, A. Bhalerao, J. de la Verpilliere, B. Graves and A.M. Boies

Tuesday morning parallel sessions: Instrumentation & Characterization techniques II

Commercial vs. custom-built LII systems used for non-volatile particulate matter monitoring
C. Irimiea, I. K. Ortega, D. Delhaye, M. Sicard, Y. Carpentier, J. Yon, G. Lefevre, C. Focsa and E. Therssen
Detection of aerosols in an industrial context using LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)
C. Dutouquet, O. Le Bihan and E. Frejafon
Laser desorption of aromatic species from carbonaceous aerosol surrogates: estimation of the adsorption energy from pulse-to-pulse decay
D. Duca, M. Vojkovic, Y. Carpentier, M. Ziskind, A. Faccinetto and C. Focsa
Using Surface Normalised Aerosol Photoemission Spectroscopy (SN-APES) to investigate condensation effects on gas borne nanoparticles
J. Röhrbein and A.P. Weber
Multi-wavelength absorption coefficient measurements of aerosol collected on filters: instrumentation and modelling developments for brown carbon studies.
V. Bernardoni, A.Forello, R.E. Pileci, S. Valentini, G. Valli, R. Vecchi, L. Caponi, P.Prati and D. Massabò
Study on cluster fragmentation inside an Atmospheric Pressure interface Time Of Flight (APi-TOF) mass spectrometer
M. Passananti, E. Zapadinsky, J. Kangasluoma, N. Myllys, M. Attoui and H. Vehkämäki
Elemental analysis of airborne supermicron particles using electrodynamic levitation and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
P. Heikkilä, J. Rossi, A. Järvinen, A. Rostedt, S. Saari, J. Toivonen and J. Keskinen

Tuesday afternoon parallel sessions: Aerosol materials

Nanostructured catalytic layers prepared by electrospray
J.L. Castillo, S. Martin, D. Rodriguez-Perez and P.L. Garcia-Ybarra
Aerosol jets from multiple aerodynamic lenses for generic processing of nanocomposite coatings on large surfaces
O. Sublemontier, Y. Rousseau, C. Petit, E. Monsifrot, F. Perry, J-P. Gaston, P. Chapon, M. Stchakovsky, P. Briois, A. Billard and F. Torrent
Aerosol self-assembly of nanostructured dielectric fractals on resonant plasmonic metasurfaces for selective and highly sensitive optical sensing
Z. Fusco, M. Rahmani, R. Bo, T. Tran, M. Lockreyc, N. Motta, D. Neshev and A. Tricoli
Optimizing the nanocoating thickness of a superhydrophobic coating
J. Haapanen, P. Juuti, M. Aromaa, H. Teisala, M. Tuominen, M. Sillanpää, M. Stepien, J.J. Saarinen, M. Toivakka, J. Kuusipalo and J.M. Mäkelä
Enzyme-mimetic luminescent hybrid nanoaggregates as ratiometric hydrogen peroxide biosensors
G.A. Sotiriou
Aerosol synthesis of various supported metal catalyst particles with tuneable pore sizes, defined metal crystallite sizes and different loadings
A. Martinez and A.P. Weber
Synthesis of superconducting MgB2-Films by the aerosol deposition method (ADM)
P. Glosse, D. Hanft, S. Denneler, T. Berthold, M. Oomen, S. Kauffmann-Weiss, E. Günther, F. Weis, M. Weiss, W. Häßler, B. Holzapfel and R. Moos

Tuesday afternoon parallel sessions: Instrumentation & Characterization techniques III

Fast resolving aerosol particle number size distribution measurement using a battery of Airmodus A20 butanol Condensation Particle Counters
J. Vanhanen, E. Miettinen and M. Väkevä
Improving the accuracy and precision of sub-10 nm atmospheric nanoparticle measurements with high flow DMPS
J. Kangasluoma, L.R. Ahonen, T. Laurila, R. Cai, J. Enroth, S. Buenrostro Mazon, F. Korhonen, P.P. Aalto, M. Kulmala, M. Attoui and T. Petäjä
Improving airborne nanoparticle and cluster detection with the butanol based laminar flow condensation nuclei counters Grimm 5.403 and 5.412.
G. Steiner; M. Orzan; I. Nagler; E. Petrakakis and M. Selimovic; C. Tauber; F. Tettich
The principle of the RC-DMA – A novel method for multidimensional aerosol characterization
D.B. Rasche and H.-J. Schmid
The Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer Electrostatic Precipitator (TDMAEP) system for probing the volatility and hygroscopicity of airborne particles
G. Biskos and S. Bezantakos
Design and characterization of a new Annular Flow Ion Mobility Spectrometer (AFIMS) for use in a liquid nanoparticle sizer system
D.R. Oberreit, S. He and J.R. Quant
A high resolution DMA covering the size range up to 70 nm
L.J. Perez-Lorenzo, V. Khana, J. Fernandez de la Mora and J.J. Schmitt

Tuesday afternoon parallel sessions: Emissions

Modelling the nucleation of particles in the plume of ships in the harbour of Helsinki
M. Karl, L. Pirjola, A. Karppinen, J. Nikmo, J.-P. Jalkanen, J. Walden and J. Kukkonen
A DMA operating at 200 C for the analysis of engine exhaust nanoparticles.
M. Amo-González, C. Barrios, R. Delgado and J. Fernández de la Mora
Measurement of plasma reactor temperature and its effects on aerosol production
B. Graves, L. Weller, S. Hochgreb and A. Boies
Simultaneous sampling of the solid and gas-phase semi-volatile fractions of propane-based CAST soot samples: chemical differentiation using mass spectrometry
Y. Carpentier, J.A. Noble, L. Ngo, D. Duca, M. Vojkovic, C. Irimiea, C. Pirim, E. Therssen, G. Lefevre, J. Yon and C. Focsa
Road traffic as a major source of nanocluster aerosol
H. Kuuluvainen, T. Rönkkö, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen, R. Hillamo, J.V. Niemi, L. Pirjola, H.J. Timonen, S. Saarikoski, E. Saukko, A. Järvinen, H. Silvennoinen, A. Rostedt, M. Olin, J. Yli-Ojanperä, P. Nousiainen, A. Kousa and M. Dal Maso
Dispersion of traffic related nanocluster aerosol near a major road
O. Kangasniemi, H. Kuuluvainen, J. Heikkilä, A. Malinen, L. Pirjola, J. Niemi, H. Timonen, T. Rönkkö and M. Dal Maso

Tuesday poster session

Nanoparticle formation mechanisms during laser ablation of ceramic tiles
A. Salmatonidis, M. Viana, N. Pérez, A. Alastuey, G. de la Fuente, L.A. Angurel, V. Sanfélix and E. Monfort
Optically stable and near-UV activated nanophosphors for in-vitro dynamic bioimaging
G.A. Sotiriou
Flame deposition of pH responsive nanoparticle films for biofilm microenvironment evaluation
P.E. Merkl and G.A. Sotiriou
Production of piezoelectric polymers in a one-step spray-drying process
L. Kreft, S. Beuermann, P. Wierach and A.P. Weber
Modification of the mechanical stability of nanoparticle agglomerates by a versatile aerosol coating process
M. Bierwirth, P. Post and A.P. Weber
Adjusting the deposition flux of flame generated aerosol nanoparticles in a coating application
M. Nikka, P. Juuti, M. Sorvali, J. Haapanen and J.M. Mäkelä
Electrospray synthesis of porous cathode material for lithium ion batteries
S.W. Karuga, M.J. Gatari, J.C.M Marijnissen and E.M. Kelder
High electrochemical performance of crumpled paper ball-like Si-CNT-GR composites for lithium ion battery anode materials
H. Chang, S.K. Kim and H.D. Jang
Calculation of the diameter of a particle beam at the exit from a micro nozzle by computational fluid dynamics
A.A. Efimov, N.V. Protas, P.V. Arsenov and V.V. Ivanov
Influence of number of printing layers and substrate temperature on the aspect ratio of the printed line in the aerosol jet printing process
P.V. Arsenov, A.A. Efimov and V.V. Ivanov
Charge distribution of fine and ultrafine NaCl aerosol particles
T. Das, A. Khan, A.Y. Nakhwa, B.K. Sapra and Y.S. Mayya
Improvement of steam condensation using electro-physical methods
E.I. Agarwal, Iu.A. Bosneaga and M.Ch. Bologa
Deconvolution of nanoparticle size distributions measured in combustion processes
H. Mätzing, W. Baumann, A. Bologa, A. Loukou, N. Teuscher, P. Vlavakis, H.-J. Gehrmann, H.-R. Paur, D. Trimis and D. Stapf
Influence of collector geometry on reduction of fly ash re-entrainment from a compact electrostatic precipitator
A. Bologa, H.P. Rheinheimer and H.R. Paur
The impact of synthetic aerosol type on the performance of general ventilation air filters
J.A. Marval Díaz, E. Norata and P. Tronville
Unwanted clogging of high efficiency flat sheet filter media in fractional efficiency measurements
J.A. Marval Díaz and P. Tronville
Filtration characteristics of an electrospinning nanofibers composite air filter medium against soot particles
Z. Sun, Y. Liang and J. Wang
Testing filters using monodisperse aerosols selected by aerodynamic diameter
S.D. Payne, M. Irwin, T.J. Johnson and J.P.R. Symonds
Single fiber capture probability for the mechanism of diffusion
M. Alonso
Laboratory scale study for KCl vapour and particle emissions from poplar and spruce bark combustion
F. Mylläri, J. Viljanen, N. DeMartini, P. Karjalainen, J. Toivonen, J. Keskinen and T. Rönkkö
Characterization of a novel combustion aerosol standard generator for aeronautic fuel
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Solid particles generation by biomass combustion: simulation with MTDATA
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Influence of fuel and operating parameters on PAHs in biomass combustion fly ash. CLEANBIOM project.
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Temporospatial variation in major ion chemistry of secondary inorganic aerosols in Northern Zhejiang Province, China
J. He, J.S. Xu and H.H. Xu
Two years measurement of trace elements in PM2.5 at SORPES station, Nanjing, China
X. Chi, L. Wang, L. Zheng and S. Zhang
Water uptake by soot cake emitted during industrial fires: influence of primary particle diameter, cake porosity and soot composition
L. Lintis, A. Coppalle, F.-X. Ouf and C. Vallières
Particle emission characterization when incinerating halogen- and sulfur- containing nanowaste using a lab scale tubular furnace operating at 1100°C
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Variability of aerosol optical properties during different seasons over North India
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Annual evolution of ultrafine particles and new particle formation in León (NW Iberia)
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A winter Saharan dust intrusion at León: air quality and health impacts
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Study of air pollution in selected stations in Spain: one year study
A. Martínez-Fernández, S. Sainz-Villegas, C. Blanco-Alegre, F. Oduber, A.I. Calvo, A. Castro and R. Fraile
Size-related composition of airborne particles in Beijing and Switzerland
Y. Yue, H. Chen, A. Setyan, M. Elser, M. Dietrich, J. Li, T. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Zheng, J. Wang and M. Yao
Intraday and seasonal variation of atmospheric PM: Relation of EC and OC content of PM with the gaseous pollutants in high altitude suburban location
P. Ertürk Arı, A. Arı, D. Karakaş and S. Yenisoy-Karakaş
Size segregated concentrations of sulphurous aerosol in a thermal power plant area of Turkey
P. Ertürk Arı, A. Arı and E.O. Gaga
Comparison of bacterial aerosols characteristics with simulated lung lining fluid and phosphate buffered solution
F. Shen, M. Niu and T. Zhu
The effect of delayed actuation of pressurized metered dose inhaler on the size distribution of the inhaled aerosols
Sz. Kugler, A. Kerekes, A. Nagy and A. Czitrovszky
Surgical smoke characterisation by optical measurement techniques
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Artifacts in PM measurements caused by atmospheric water vapour
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Physico-chemical characterization of particles and volatile organic compounds emitted by e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products, compared to a reference tobacco cigarette
A. Setyan, T. Bührer, F. Leuzinger, W. Netkueakul, M. Patrick, N.V. Heeb, R. Haag and J. Wang
Assessing nanoparticle exposures associated with the laser metal deposition (LMD) operating process and its control strategy
Y.F. Wang, H.Y. Sun, and P.J. Tsai
Long-term multiple volatile organic compounds exposure assessment for a semiconductor foundry industry
Y.C. Kuo, Y.F. Wang, S.M. Wang and P.J. Tsai
Laminar co-flow tube – measurement device for binary and ternary nucleation
T. Trávníčková, J. Havlica, J. Hrubý and V. Ždímal
Determination of the atmospheric aerosol extinction coefficient using a visual comparator
H. Horvath
Electrical calibration setup utilizing singly charged particles with a size range ranging from a few nanometres up to five micrometres
A. Järvinen, J. Keskinen and J. Yli-Ojanperä
Modification of aerosol properties due to relative humidity
D. El Hajj, S. Crumeyrolle, M. Choël, S. Seng, Y. Tobon, Th. Bourrianne and I. Chiapello
Size-selective sampling and chemical analysis of single-cylinder engine ultra-fine particulate matter
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Observations of single pollen grains after ageing under controlled environment
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Characterisation of Nanoparticle Size Distributions
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High-temperature solid particle emission measurements in the sub-23 nm mobility size range with the advanced half-mini DMA
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Development of the emission traverse probe for aerosol sampling in turbojet test cells
G. Aragón, V. Archilla, E. Mezquida, D. Hormigo, G. Barrera, J. Rodríguez-Maroto, M. Pujadas, B. Ahedo, E. Rojas, D. Sanz and I. Ibarra
CIDAR project, development of a non-intrusive capability for soot measurement in aircraft engine emissions
V. Archilla, G. Aragón, P. Wright, K. Ozanyan, J. Black, M. Lengden, I. Burns, W. Johnstone, V. Polo, M. Beltran and M. Johnson
Modelling the effects of evaporation and recondensation of volatiles in in situ absorption measurements of aerosols
B.R. Visser, N. Karlen, L. Drinovec, G. Močnik and E. Weingartner
A numerical study on the relation between the active surface area and the orientationally-averaged projected area of fractal-like aggregates
A.D. Melas and Y. Drossinos
The impact of rheology on the outcome of collisions between drying droplets
R.E.H. Miles, J.S. Walker and J.P. Reid
Conformation-dependent dynamics of macromolecular ions in the gas phase under an electrostatic field
T. Tamadate, H. Higashi, M. Kumita, Y. Otani and T. Seto

Plenary lecture by Prof. Hartmut Wiggers

Plenary IV-00
Synthesis of functional nanomaterials in the gas phase
H. Wiggers, T. Dreier, I. Wlokas and C. Schulz

Wednesday morning parallel sessions: Electrosprays

Aerodynamic aspects of electrodynamic fluidization
F.J. Higuera
Homogeneous droplets by controlled neutralization of electrosprays
A. Carrasco-Munoz, E. Barbero-Colmenar, E. Bodnár, J. Grifoll and J. Rosell-Llompart
Analysis of electrospray space charge singularity near the Taylor cone apex based on a simplified irrotational Eulerian model
C. Hernandez-San Jose and M. Arias-Zugasti
Characteristics of water EHDA in the simple-jet mode with whipping breakup
L. Manna, F. Kariithi, F. Di Natale, A. Lancia, J.C.M. Marijnissen and L.L.F. Agostinho
Investigating the use of an Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) system in Flame Assisted Spray Pyrolysis (FASP) for synthesis of nanoparticles
V.A. Ganesan and A.P. Weber
Mass transfer processes at the Taylor cone
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
Application of electrospray in thermal desalination in tropical countries
L.K. Kiriinya, N. Nyambane, M.J. Gatari, L.L.F. Agostinho and J.C.M. Marijnissen

Wednesday morning parallel sessions: Instrumentation & Characterization techniques IV

A semi-automatic analysis tool for the determination of primary particle size, overlap coefficient and specific surface area of nanoparticles aggregates
F.-X. Ouf, Q. Ribeyre, L. Lintis, J. Yon, S. Bau, D. Thomas, C. Vallières and S. Bourrous
Secondary organic aerosol formation from toluene photoxidation using a new method for online submicron aerosol characterization
A. Martinez-Valiente, M. Müller, P. Eichler, W. Tan, B. Temime-Roussel, L. Fine, C. Ferronato, A. Wisthaler and B. D’Anna
Particle mass monitoring by Quartz Crystal Microbalance using electrostatic deposition enhancement
S. Mülhopt, C. Schlager, T. Krebs, M. Berger and H.-R. Paur
Impact of particle morphology on the particle number response of diffusion chargers
M.A. Schriefl and A. Bergmann
Single particle mass spectrometry of solid and liquid test aerosols
C. Dameto de España, A. Wonaschütz, J. Burkart and R. Hitzenberger
A new falling droplet chain instrument for studying particle dispersions
J.S. Walker, R.E.H. Miles and J.P. Reid
Elemental characterization of size-segregated aerosol samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Tandem Mass Spectrometry
A. Arı, P. Ertürk Arı and E.O. Gaga

Wednesday morning parallel sessions: Indoor and Workplace Environments

Applicability of optical aerosol spectrometers and low-cost photometers for the surveillance of workplace exposure concentrations
C. Asbach, H. Kaminski, J. Lindermann, M. Bässler, C. Monz and A.M. Todea
Nanocluster aerosol emissions of a 3D printer: the effect of nozzle temperature and filament material
M. Poikkimäki, V. Koljonen, M. Närhi, O. Kangasniemi, O. Kausiala, N. Leskinen and M. Dal Maso
Study of residential exposure due to ultrafine aerosol particles using a simple indoor model
S. Anand, Jayant Krishan and Y.S. Mayya
Measurements of the physicochemical properties of nanoparticles produced via thermal plasma spraying processes in a precision machining workplace.
S. Bezantakos, A. Salmatonidis, M. Viana and G. Biskos
Numerical evaluation of the fate of aerosols produced by the laser cutting of Fukushima fuel debris simulants
T. Gélain, E. Porcheron, C. Chagnot and D. Roulet
Measurement of aerosol emissions in machinery and occupational exposure to MWCNT in pilot manufacturing of new carbon nanotube-based nano-enabled products for the aeronautic and automotive sectors
J.M. Lopez de Ipina, S. Florez, R. Seddon, I. Gaztelumendi, A. Vavouliotis, G. Koutsoukis, B. Lopez Romano, L. Sanchez, P. Latko, P. Duralek, J. Cabezas and C. Gutierrez-Canas
Performance of one- and two-box models as tools for risk assessment: a case study of fertilizer packing
C. Ribalta, A.J. Koivisto, A. López-Lilao, S. Estupiñá, M.C. Minguillón, E. Monfort and M. Viana

Wednesday afternoon parallel sessions: Aerosol methods

Influence of exhaust gas temperature and corona suppression phenomena on mass collection efficiency of a space charge electrostatic precipitator
A.Bologa, H.R.Paur and D.Stapf
Tayloring surface properties of particles by aerosol methods
A.P. Weber, M. Bierwirth, J. Röhrbein, M. Shaban and P. Post
The inner electric state of electrosprayed drops and its impact on transfer probabilities macro-molecules to the gas phase
C. Lübbert and W. Peukert
Charging mechanism effect on polymer discharge when exposed to organic solvents
P. Sachinidou, J. Schaniel and J. Wang

Wednesday afternoon parallel sessions: Aerosol sampling

Morphochemical characteristics and toxic potential of Saharan dust advections
B. Moroni, D. Cappelletti, S. Crocchianti, M. Grotti, C. Petroselli, B. Sebastiani and R. Selvaggi
Influence of wall air flow properties on the resuspension kinetics of microparticles in ventilated duct under accelerated flow
F. Theron, D. Debba and L. Le Coq
Hygroscopic behaviours of ammonium sulfate/organic mixtures including dicarboxylic acid and oligomer
H. Bouzidi, A. Zuend, J. Ondracek, J. Schwarz and V. Zdimal
Study of the durability of supported nanoparticles produced by aerosol methods for catalysis
S. Thorberg, C.B.M. Poulie, D. Strand, M.H. Magnusson and M.E. Messing

Wednesday afternoon parallel sessions: Instrumentation & Characterization techniques V

Development and evaluation of a catalytic stripper for sub-23 nm solid particle measurements
V. Koidi, A.D. Melas, D. Deloglou, D. Zarvalis and A.G. Konstandopoulos
A counter flow denuder for engine exhaust conditioning: first laboratory experiments
M. Bainschab, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen and A. Bergmann
Role of water in PM10 mass concentration in urban air
K. Imre, Á. Molnár and Gy. Kiss
Ejector-based sampling from low-pressure aerosol reactors
T. Rosenberger, D. Kiesler, F.E. Kruis, A. Münzer and H. Wiggers

Special session

Everything you always wanted to know about aerosol technology but you were afraid to ask
A.G. Konstandopoulos
Electrostatic atomization: Past, present and future
I.G. Loscertales
New technologies for near-real time measurements of ambient aerosol properties
A. Eiguren-Fernandez