Plenary Lectures, Keynote Speakers, Oral and Poster presentations will spread the last scientific and technological achievements got by members of the aerosol research community.

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Besides these presentations, Exhibitors will show up aerosol equipment and materials of interest. The contribution of these Exhibitors to the success of the conference is remarkable as their support allows to keep low registration fees.

Wednesday (from 15:00 to 18:00) Aerosol Magee Scientific will host a special event (Conference Room 1) presenting their new products (please register in https://www.aerosolmageesci.com/workshopeac2023/).

Working Groups meetings

Meetings of the Working Groups (WG) of the European Aerosol Assembly are scheduled at lunch time to deliberate on proposals for Plenary Speakers and Special Sessions as well as to select members of the review panel for next EAC. These meetings are open. Participants may take their meal bag and enter in the rooms where the meetings take place.

Tuesday, WG1 (Aerosol Technology, Conference Room 2.1) and WG2 (Atmospheric Aerosol Studies, Conference Room 2.2).

Wednesday, WG3 (Aerosol Measurement Techniques, Conference Room 1), WG4 (Aerosols and Health, Conference Room 2.1) and WG5 (Basic Aerosol Processes, Conference Room 2.2).

Please, when filling the registration form, mark your interest in any WG to receive information in advance from the WG chair.

Additional events

Monday (lunch time). Aerosol Research Editorial Board Meeting (Meeting Room).

Monday (19:15-20:30). ACTRIS CAIS-ECAC aerosol in-situ community meeting. Chair: Alfred Wiedensohler (Conference Room 1).

Tuesday (19:15-20:30). European Aerosol Assembly Council meeting (Meeting Room).

Tuesday (19:15-21:00). Young Investigator Network (YIN) event (Conference Room 1). Senior Scientist will share ideas on “Scientific writing: how to write impactful abstracts, articles and proposals”. Students and recent PhDs interested in participating in this event are requested to mark this option when filling the registration form.

Wednesday (lunch time). NOSA meeting (Meeting Room).

Wednesday (16:00-18:00). ACTRIS real time, online XRF Instrumentation (ROXI) user group meeting. Chairs: Manos Manousakas/Anja Tremper (Conference Room 2.2). Working Group for current and prospective users of real time, online XRF instrumentation. The meetings focus on use, calibration, data treatment, source apportionment and best practices.

Thursday (lunch time). Meeting of the WG Speakers (Conference Room 1).

Thursday (lunch time). International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA) Council meeting (Meeting Room)

Thursday (18:00-19:00). General Meeting of the Spanish Association (AECyTA). (Conference Room 1)

Thursday (20:00-24:00). Conference dinner - El Balneario, Baños del Carmen.